Kentaro Sato: Music Director

    Mr. Kentaro Sato, Ken-P to his friends, is an award-winning composer, conductor, and lyricist. Born in Japan and trained in the United States, Ken-P is the orchestral and choral mastermind behind video game titles such as the DISSIDIA Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Type-0, Ghost Recon AW 1&2, and some of the Medal of Honor titles. In addition, he has worked with renowned ensembles such as the London Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and the Czech Philharmonic.

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    With his musical guidance and your support, we hope to bring you the continually rewarding musical experiences that our beloved video game music and traditional concert ensembles offer. If you would like to know why we have selected Mr. Sato as our Music Director, please read Q&A!

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