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Stardew Valley Orchestra CD!!!
Symphonic Tale: The Place I Truly Belong
(Music from Stardew Valley)
Available now!

Grandia Orchestra CD!!!

Symphonic Tale: An Unforgettable Jorney.html
(Music from Grandia)
Available now!

Additionally, we will plan recording of "Suikoden 1" when the 3000 CDs and/or DL of Symphonic Tale: The Rune of Beginning is reached.
1736 copies total (1039 from crowdfunding & 697 from the public release) were sold, as of Dec. 31, 2020.


Notice to Creditors and Claimants of VGM Classics, LLC
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The 3rd Album "Symphonic Tale: The Place I Truly Belong (Music from Stardew Valley)" Released!

Symphonic Tale: The Place I Truly Belong (Music from Stardew Valley) is available for the Kickstarter backers!

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Interview on Nintendo DREAM!

An interview article between Mr. Noriyuki Iwadare, the original composer of GRANDIA and Mr. Kentaro Sato, our music director was published on the 2020 July/August edition of Nintendo DREAM magazine in Japan.

The 2nd Album "Symphonic Tale: An Unforgettable Jorney (Music from Grandia)" Released!

Symphonic Tale: An Unforgettable Journey (Music from Grandia) is now avaialble!

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Stardew Valley: Orchestra CD Crowdfunding Campaign Succeeded!

Our new crowdfunding campaign “Stardew Valley: Orchestra CD” has successfuly reached the extended goal for additional recording for a full album. The album is to be released in July, 2020!


The 1st Album "Symphonic Tale: The Rune of Beginning (Music from Suikoden II)" Released!

Thank you very much for all those who supported this project! We will start the production of "Suikoden I" recording, when 3000 CDs/DL are sold. We hope you support us by purchasing the CD or Digital Album!

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VGM Classics selects an orchestrator of the Final Fantasy franchise as the Music Director.

We are happy to announce that Mr. Kentaro Sato, a prominent composer/orchestrator/conductor has agreed to be the Music Director of VGM Classics! Mr. Sato, born in Japan and trained in the United States, is the orchestral and choral mastermind behind video game titles such as the DISSIDIA Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Type-0, Ghost Recon AW 1&2, and some of the Medal of Honor titles. His artistic experience in both video game and concert music brings our dream one step closer to realization!

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