Prospective Musicians

Preview from our first recording, Symphonic Tale: The Rune of Beginning (Music from Suikoden II)
conducted by our music director Kentaro Sato, performed by Budapest Symphony Orchestra, recording enginnered by T. Kurina

   The prospective orchestra for the projects of VGM Classics is the Budapest Symphony Orchestra (BPSO). BPSO was founded in 1992 by members of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra (HRSO) for projects and activities outside their usual performance and broadcast duties. Over the years, BPSO has provided wonderful orchestral colors for many classical music, film, and television productions.

An excerpt “Misericordia” (by courtesy of WP GK/LLC)
conducted by our music director, performed by BPSO, HRC, enginnered by T. Kurina

   The prospective choir for the projects of VGM Classics is the Hungarian Radio Choir (HRC). It was established in 1950 to perform both a cappella and orchestral choral repertoires for Hungarian Radio and beyond. The choir has been involved in many recordings over the years, including a Grammy-nominated 1997 album of musical works by Kodály and Bartók with Sir George Solti and the Berlin Philharmonic.

   The prospective recording engineer for VGM Classics is Tamas Kurina. Mr. Kurina has been involved with many international classical music, film, television, and game music productions. The list of his credits is available on IMDb.

   Our music director has recommended these ensembles and individuals based on his previous working experiences with them, and VGM Classics is looking forward to working with such fine and talented musicians!