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    Please read our Q&A page, and if you wish to ask or contact us, you can reach us at the following address. We will get back to you at the earliest, and please set your e-mail in such a way so that our reply will not go into the junk folder! Please please change (a) of the follwoing e-mail address to @


    We would like to hear your opinion and suggestions about our future projects. Please let us know using the following format:

Video Game Title: (ex. ABC World 4)
Requested Pieces: (ex. Main Theme)
Prospective Ensemble: (ex. Orchestra)

    Of course, we need funding in order to make it a reality, but we always love to hear from a VGM fan like you. In the meantime, please visit our current project page! Please support us so that VGM Classics could continue to be your classical record label for admired video game music!

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    We appreciate your support and generosity!

Our Japan Office (non-PE) had mainly dealed with negociation, and licensing. Due to the COVID-19, we has closed the Japan Office by the end of 2020.