Lyricists & Translators

On this page, we would like to introduce Lyricists & Translators of VGM Classic projects.

Dr. Robert Zaslavsky

    Dr. Robert Zaslavsky received his BA in Philosophy and English from Temple University, and his MA and Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research. In addition, he has done graduate work in English at New York University and in education at Cabrini College.
    In addition to his two decades of teaching Latin and Greek in private and public middle and high schools, he has taught courses in Literature, Religion, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Film, and Art History on the university level and in secondary private and public schools.
    He is the author of numerous academic and scholastic writings and books. In the video game world, he is best known for his Latin translations of choral and vocal works in the “DISSIDIA Final Fantasy” series and “Final Fantasy Type-0.”
    VGM Classics is proud to have Dr. Zaslavsky on our music team, and is eager to receive more of his artistic and scholastic contributions to our admired game music repertoire. You can visit his official website at