Symphonic Tale: An Unforgettable Journey (Music from Grandia)

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Story of “GRANDIA”

 The story centers on a young boy named Justin who inherits from his father a mysterious archeological artifact known as “the Spirit Stone.” Justin discovers that the stone was part of an essential object for the long-lost Angelou civilization. Led by a calling from the stone, Justin leaves his hometown and journeys around the world to uncover the mystery of the stone and the Angelou civilization. Along the way, Justin meets other adventurers who join him on his journey. He also must face the Garlyle Forces, a private militaristic organization that also seeks to uncover the secrets of the past. Justin ultimately learns that the world is again threatened by the ancient monster that destroyed the Angelou civilization. To save the world, Justin, together with his companions, must try to overcome that threat.

Messages from Creators

 When I was composing the music for Grandia, my ambition was to have the music performed by a full orchestra someday, but I never dreamed that it would not become a reality until twenty-three years later in the form of this album! I am thrilled, and the result is wonderful! I would like to thank Mr. Kentaro Sato and all the performers and staff members who participated. Parts of the music from Grandia have been performed here and there by both professional and amateur orchestras, but I strongly hope that this full and complete symphonic tale will be performed widely around the world. Let us take a musical journey together! (Noriyuki Iwadare, Composer)

 “Promise me, Justin. Someday, tell me your own adventure stories of a world I don’t know. I’ll wait as long as it takes!”
 Although twenty-three years have passed since I first saw it, I still remember this plea by the old adventurer who helped Justin to pursue his dream. For you who—as Justin—are about to embark on a journey to a new world, or for you who—as Justin—tell his adventure to eager listeners, I hope that this symphonic tale will become the music of your own “unforgettable journey.” (Kentaro Sato, Arranger & Conductor)

Original Music by Noriyuki Iwadare
Arranged & Conducted by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)
Performed by Budapest Symphony Orchestra

- Contents (sample) -
1. Adventurer’s Dream
2. Prelude / Boyhood
3. Voice from the Spirit Stone
4. My Home / The Letter
5. Morning of Departure
6. The Wall to Overcome
7. The Starry Beach
8. Greed
9. For You
10. The Growing Evil
11. Storyteller from the Past
12. Love and Parting
13. Web of Evil
14. Rebirth of the World
 (Total Playing Time 58:28)

Orchestral Score:

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(CNVG-0004) Published on June 1, 2020
(P)2020 CLASSICAL NOVA LTD, produced and distributed in IL.
GRANDIA music (C) 1997 TWO FIVE
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Grandia is a role-playing video game developed by Game Arts and first released in 1997 for the Sega Saturn system. The original music was composed by Noriyuki Iwadare, featuring orchestral instruments supplemented by many ethnic sounds that reflect the multicultural and emotional experiences that the protagonist undergoes during his journey.